Mating Assistance

Natural mating between two dogs is not as uncomplicated as you might think and simply putting them together in a room will not always result in a successful pregnancy. Other things to consider are:

  • Risk of infection by either dog
    Either the bitch or the stud dog can carry infection which can be passed between them during natural mating.
  • Pain or injury sustained during mating
    If either dog tries to pull away during ‘the tie’ injury can occur and could potentially affect the confidence of either dog for future mating.
  • Lack of experience in either dog
    Young dogs may have much enthusiasm but lack technique.
  • Size of either dog
    This can be a result of mixing or miniature breeds or simply size difference within the same breed.
  • Physical constraints of either dog
    Any injury or physical constraint may mean that either dog is unable to mate naturally. Older dogs whose sperm count are still good may not have the energy or physical dexterity to mount the bitch and undertake successful mating.

Elective caesareans in association with our trusted vet

Caesareans sections in bitches used very successfully and are carried out by our vet. They can be advised in certain breeds of dogs and for either very small puppies or very large litters. For any further information on this service please feel free to contact either John or Josh on 07870376729.

Our Prices:

Mating Assistance 8am – 8pm £40.00

Mobile Mating Assistance £40.00 (+£0.70 per mile one way after 10 miles)

Puppy Incubator Hire available – Reasonable rates – Call 01772 682030

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