Artificial Insemination

North West K9 Breeding Solutions can now offer various methods of artificial insemination …
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Puppy Scanning

We offer out of hours pregnancy scanning service for breeders with bitches who need to be checked …
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Semen Analysis

There are many reasons why a successful mating may not occur and one reason may be down to the semen …
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Mating Assistance

Natural mating between two dogs is not as uncomplicated as you might think and simply putting them together …
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Progesterone Testing

There are a few ways to determine if your bitch has reached the correct phase of her cycle to conceive …
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Semen Freezing

Semen analysis will be undertaken prior to storage and chilled semen will be mixed with an extender …
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Friendly Advice

Give us a call us to get our expert advice, any day of the week. We can help you get the most out of your stud dogs …
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Our Availability

We are available 7 days a week. Also, in the event of emergency, we would be available to assist with out of hours puppy scanning and whelping assistance. We have found that a lot of customers would like a post birth scan to ensure no puppies are left behind. All services carried out are absolutely confidential.
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Mission Statement

Our aim is to support and advise new or inexperienced breeders through the breeding process or simply to compliment experienced breeders with a variety of services.