Artificial Insemination

North West K9 Breeding Solutions can now offer various methods of artificial insemination including:

  • Trans-vaginal and trans-cervical insemination with either a catheter or an endoscope
  • Surgical A.I. in conjunction with our Vet
    If you are unsure whether A.I. is a service you may require you might find the information on our mating assistance page of benefit and our staff are always happy to advise where requested.
  • Timing constraints
    It may not be possible for the stud dog to be available when the bitch is at the correct stage of her breeding cycle. This way the semen can be stored and used at a later date, we also offer a storage service semen collection and storage.
  • Opportunity to evaluate the semen before insemination
  • Ability to use the collected semen for multiple inseminations

Our Prices:

Per Collection / Insemination – £40.00. (at our premises)

Collection x 2 Inseminations plus semen analysis – £70.00. (at our premises)

Semen analysis – £30.00. (at our premises)

Mobile Artificial Insemination. (POA)

Puppy Incubator Hire available – Reasonable rates – Call 01772 682030

Payment methods:

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