Progesterone Testing

There are a few ways to determine if your bitch has reached the correct phase of her cycle to conceive including, general length of cycle for your breed of dog and vaginal discharge and smell. However even experienced breeders find these methods are unreliable and can often result in a missed opportunity.

Here at North West K9 Breeding Solutions we now have state of the art equipment for testing the progesterone levels of your bitch to find the optimum time for breeding. Once this has been determined we can offer guidance and advice on the correct timing and best method of breeding.

Ovulation Testing

Knowing when your bitch has ovulated is important for several reasons, not only does it remove the guess work out of knowing when to mate but it is essential for predicting the end of pregnancy. Used in conjunction with progesterone testing it can offer the best chance of timing a mating correctly. It can be done either by using a special pad which gives instant results or blood test which takes a few days.

Vaginal Cytology

This involves taking cells from the bitch and viewing them under a microscope, from these cells we are able to determine what stage of the cycle the bitch is in. Used in conjunction with progesterone and ovulation testing the best timing can be achieved for mating.

Our Prices:

Progesterone Testing 8am – 8pm £40.00

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