Stud dog fertility testing and semen analysis.

There are many reasons why a successful mating may not occur and one reason may be down to the semen. Here at North West K9 Breeding Solutions we aim to inform breeders of the quality and quantity of the semen and can issue a certificate for your records. This is done using specialist equipment at our premises in Lytham and can determine if any problem with the sperm is visible such as poor mobility or physical defects.

Some common reasons for a poor sperm count can include mating too frequently or poor diet and we can offer guidance and advice with both of these problems. If the sperm is found to of good quality but lacking in suitable mobility an extender can be used which will boost the sperm and achieve the desired result. The extender can also be added to the semen if it is being collected for storage to use at a later date and we also offer this service, semen collection and storage.

Our Prices:

Per Test – £30.00. (at our premises)

Puppy Incubator Hire available – Reasonable rates – Call 01772 682030

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