Welcome to our brand new website.

A big thank you to the super talented guys over at Flying Start Online of Lancashire. They have done an incredible job and have worked very hard to design and create us a stunning and beautiful new web site. This website is 100% responsive on all mobile and hand held devices and looks very crisp and sharp on iPhone and iPad as well as Windows and Apple Mac desktop screens. If you would like a new website or an old website redesigning, they will give you a great low price! Call Craig (senior designer) on 07813337067 or email him at craig@flyingstartonline.co.uk or find him on Facebook

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If you are new to our website here is a quick overview of what we have to offer:

Our Services:


We also have lots of very sought after Stud Dogs ready to go, check them out on our Stud Dogs page.

You can contact us directly using the following information:

Email: info@nwk9.co.uk
Telephone: (01772) 682030
Mobile Number: 07870 376729